Phone: +46 8 634 20 27
E-mail: info@sjostadsverket.se
Henriksdalsringen 58 (map)
SE-131 32 NACKA

Manager/Activity Coordinator
Christian Baresel
+46(0)10-788 6606

Some of our current or recently completed projects

On these pages there is information about some projects that are currently underway at the facility

Other major projects carried out at Hammarby Sjöstadsverket include:

  • System approaches for purification of pharamceutical residues and other prioritized persistent substances
  • R3Water - Demonstration of innovative solutions for Reuse of water, Recovery of valuables and Resource efficiency in urban wastewater treatment
  • Conversion of activated sludge treatment plant to Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
  • Softsensors
  • ReUse - Development and optimization of water treatment processes and systems for a sustainable reuse of treated wastewater in society
  • Streamlining end enhancing of biogas production
  • Anammox technique for nitrogen reduction
  • Silver nanoparticles in treatment plants
  • Membrane distillation for concentrating/purifying various water streams
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Swedish wastewater management and sewage sludge
  • ITEST - more energy efficient and improved sewage treatment through the use of waste heat

Contact: Christian Baresel, 010-788 6606, christian.baresel@ivl.se

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